Reflecting on the Event Tech Revolution

Written by The Meeting Pool

As we enter into the second half of 2014, and let me say, where did the time go? Every time I talk to a peer in the industry, they are telling me how things are moving at the speed of light. With so much going on in the world, we thought it was important to take a step back and consider how this impacts event technology and the industry at large.

The key take-away is that event tech is revolutionizing an industry that was once stagnated by a lack of access to useful technologies. From gathering the data necessary to produce actionable insights to utilizing an integrated system that streamlines engagement, new solutions are making the conference experience better for attendees and more effective for organizers.

What used to feel daunting for event organizers is close to effortless now that integrating event tech has become easy. Here are top highlights of how event tech is changing the way the industry operates. Check how you are taking advantage of these highlights as well:

CREtechQ: How are you analyzing your event data and using it for future events?

One of the most profound ways tech is revolutionizing the industry is by providing measurable results for companies’ events spend. This allows organizers to not only collect valuable data about the success of their event, but it gives them the means to draw insights from this data.  Events make up a meaningful portion of marketing budgets, representing a significant investment for organizations both big and small, which means they can’t afford not to know if their money is being maximized effectively.  Planners can now receive analytics about how any detail of their event performed and what drove the financials each time around.

Q: What steps are you taking to maximize sponsor exposure, and how are you using your event mobile app to do that?

Being able to offer sponsors more exposure increases value for organizers and sponsors supporting events.  Planners can now actually prove to sponsors the number of attendees exposed to their brand, allowing for sponsors to connect with attendees in new personalized ways.  Direct messaging inside an event app opens a line of communication for sponsors and attendees and creates deeper engagement between the two. iBeacon push notifications assist in further communication and has a large  impact on sponsors abilities to generate new sales.

Q: How are you using event data during your event, and communicating that to your sponsors, exhibitors and other VIP event constituents?

Data is a huge asset which event tech cannot only obtain, but can assist planners in making better, smarter decisions.  Event attendance can be taken through your event app and can track those who’ve come in the past and those who are influencing others to attend. Good event technology keeps organizers informed about valuable data and insights before, during and after the event.

Q: How are you optimizing the use networking for social and non-social attendees at your next event?

By incorporating social media networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter into their event, organizers are not only able to market their events to a broader community but can interact with potential attendees that they wouldn’t have reached in the past. Connecting existing social communities helps everyone and keeps the conversation going long after the event finishes. Online social circles allow for attendees to connect with session speakers or sponsors directly and refer new attendees to the event by the massive network such sites provide.

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Alon AlroyAbout Alon Alroy

Alon Alroy is the Co-Founder and CMO of Bizzabo, a leading networking and mobile platform for event organizers and attendees. Bizzabo integrates social media to build highly-interactive event communities, helping organizers increase engagement, sponsorship revenue and word of mouth. The platform has already been used by more than 4,000 events worldwide. In 2013 Alon was named one of the meetings industry’s “40 under 40 young leaders”, as well as one of the top 10 Israeli CMOs.  Alon graduated with honors from prestigious Zell Entrepreneurship program in Israel.