Attendify Launches an Industry First Open API for Creating & Managing Event Apps

Written by The Meeting Pool

Attendify is launching a first-of-its-kind open API, a major step towards the company’s vision of making engaging mobile apps part of every event. Attendify’s API allows clients and partners to create event apps on demand by syncing content from any external system, significantly reducing the overhead associated with creating and managing apps.

“The event industry has traditionally been dominated by companies that are very protective of their data, a posture that has hurt both event planners and attendees,” says Michael Balyasny, Attendify’s CEO. “Open standards and transparency are a core part of our mission, the API we’re launching today empowers event planners to create apps on-demand making the decision to use event apps much easier to take. Ultimately that benefits attendees who can enjoy the enhanced networking and learning experience that Attendify’s private social networking apps deliver.”

Attendify’s open API allows users and clients to automatically sync data from any external system, whether it’s an event management platform, registration system, association software, or any other content management solution. The API is available free to all Attendify users and clients, and will consume content like the event schedule, speaker and sponsor lists, locations, and more. Specific examples of use-cases for leveraging Attendify’s API include:

  • Event Planners – automatically sync content from any event management software or internal CMS system to create apps for all your events on demand.
  • Associations – sync content from your association management system to add lists of members to your app and pull other event related content automatically.
  • Agencies – instantly create apps for all your clients by pulling existing event data and share live previews with clients using Attendify Studio, our instant preview tool.
  • Partners – if you provide products and services to the event and association industries you can easily add mobile event apps to your mix by partnering with Attendify and leveraging your existing data to automate the creation and management of event apps.

Attendify’s API will continue to evolve over the coming months adding new capabilities to an already rich feature set. “Taking an industry first step like we’ve done here is only the beginning of an incremental process” says Michael. “Our API will continue to evolve, we’re going to empower our clients, partners, and event stakeholders like sponsors, to do some unprecedented things with our platform’s social engine in future releases.”

To get started with Attendify’s API create an account on and connect to our developer program via Our developer portal offers a simple guide to get started as well as detailed documentation to help you sync data to Attendify’s platform, developer support is provided to all users.

About Attendify
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