The One Research Tool That Global Healthcare Meeting Professionals Need to Get: My Compliance Wizard

My Compliance Wizard/The Meeting Pool
Written by The Meeting Pool

We love when initiatives are taken head on, and the result is amazing solutions that solve real challenges that our meeting professionals go through every time they plan meetings. Those are the moments when you dive into the app, see what it does and you instantly say, ‘how come no one thought of this before?’

If you are not aware, the world of healthcare compliance rules and regulations is a complicated world, and ever changing. So something had to be done about that. And it’s launching in May.

My Compliance Wizard, a global healthcare compliance and regulation tool which includes mobile-ready online research resource of codes, regulations and laws in 196 Countries for meeting professionals.

The online resource is designed specifically for global healthcare meeting professionals, compliance officers and financial teams at pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare companies. The mobile-ready tool will be used to access the laws and codes that govern geographic areas so that meetings professionals may plan efficiently and remain in compliance across all event segments and for all attending participants.

My Compliance WizardMy Compliance Wizard is accessible across all devices, from your PC, your smart phone or your tablet, and is built to be an easily navigable, go-to repository to look up a country or state and immediately be presented with local planning information and the latest codes of compliance for healthcare professionals.

My Compliance Wizard features include:

  • Immediate access to information in 196 countries & 50 U.S. states
  • Current compliance regulations, codes and laws for each destination
  • Details on travel & expense rules, meal limits, currency conversion, holidays and other critical cultural data is also included with access to real-time data
  • Meal limits and currency conversion rates
  • 24 x 7 subscription-based, online access across devices

Here are 5 key points about the new My Compliance Wizard: My Compliance Wizard/The Meeting Pool

  1. Global compliance data for medical & pharma meetings has become more complex for event professionals, compliance officers, procurement, etc., to track and stay on top of
  2. Remaining compliant and reporting to CMS and other regulators impacts a company’s bottom line
  3. The Wizard has data for 196 countries searchable by country, state, city, zip code, etc.
  4. My Compliance Wizard is updated weekly as rules and laws evolve, and that information will be immediately accessible, vs. a print guide, which may take one quarter or more to update
  5. Users will receive notifications of changes to the data

My Compliance Wizard is the first web-based compliance solution of its kind to offer immediate access to accurate and up-to-date, global and US compliance regulations information. The tool bridges a resource gap in planning for the medical meeting industry.

How to get it:

  • The solution is available for an annual license of $149 per user for unlimited Web access
  • My Compliance Wizard will be available May 5th for purchase and access
  • Pre-signups can be registered now at

Who are the masterminds behind the Compliance Wizard:

Pat Schaumann, CMP, CSEP, DMCP, HMCC — authored the resource guide, Breaking the Code to Healthcare Compliance, and developed the Healthcare Meeting Compliance Certificate program for MPI in partnership with Saint Louis University as a recognized expert on evolving health care reporting requirements. Pat has over 25 years teaching and mentoring MPI event professionals on managing compliance and regulations for the industry. She is the only one that teaches the healthcare meeting compliance certification. Currently working on the healthcare extension for the CMP certification.

“The regulations regarding reporting payments and expenses to or for medical professionals have been extended significantly by the Open Payments Act and the Affordable Care Act in the US, and by other regulatory authorities throughout the world,” noted Pat Schaumann. “We designed My Compliance Wizard to provide easy access to the ever-changing codes of conduct, and as a necessary service to meeting planners who must control and facilitate the reporting to CMS and other regulators. Offering live updates and control will allow planners to concentrate on the management of their meetings without diverting attention to regulatory requirements.”

BusyEvent is a St. Louis, Missouri-based company comprised of a team of event professionals with decades of experience as event producers, managers and operators, and creators of a mobile event platform for managing, guiding and facilitating meetings and events.

“Pat and I have known each other for years and always talked about a suite of tools to address healthcare meeting compliance and reporting.” said David Schenberg, HMCC – Chief Evangelist of BusyEvent Mobile. “But, we heard there was an immediate need to wrangle the codes of compliance and stay up to date. So we decided to start with a solid foundation and build up from there. We’re event planners who use technology to automate things, so we understand what’s important to planners. This is just the first step to helping the medical meeting community comply with ever changing codes.”