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Can you teach an Old dog new tricks? 3 Social Media Friend Factors.

Written by Kaylynne Hatch


We’ve all heard the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. I’ve always disregarded the saying, thinking anything new can be taught. As of lately I’ve even thought the opposite as my own mother was one of the first ones in our family to get an iPad. After retiring she really jumped head first into technology and even social media as she now sends me tips and tricks via her Pinterest page. So after seeing the trend and with so many seniors adapting to new technology and even social media, I was blown away by a recent training session I had with an “old dog” professional.

This event supplier (who will remain anonymous) actually was one of the first volunteer trainees for this one-on-one social media training session, he even accepted the session on the Doodle I created and set his scheduled time with me without a problem. I would have never guessed he would have been extremely set in his ways, and possess an attitude of distain against social media along with everything it stands for.

As I asked him questions throughout our scheduled training session, he was quiet and as he explained why he didn’t have a profile, why Facebook is destined to be just a fad, just like MySpace came and went. He even speculated what social network will be the next one everyone will flock to. He was also deeply troubled by Facebook and refused to get involved with the network as he explained “Facebook is an invasion of privacy, I refuse to have a website “own my information”, the rants went on and on.

I was beside myself, I kept quiet and insisted this is the new way of marketing, that techniques have changed and we have to adapt with the times. He was respectful and thanked me for my time, but acknowledged that this new way of marketing wasn’t for him. Just as the phone call ended, I thought to myself how many more professionals shared this mindset? Will all of these new methods of online marketing just be a passing fad?

What more can I say or provide to hold my ground and remain to endorse social media marketing, in which I love so much. I believe in this technology and the results it provides. I jotted down these takeaways from the conversation in hopes that it will change the minds of doubting individuals that might share the same distain for these new ways of marketing and promotion.

Treat it like traditional networking

Think about social media as a way that you can see real-time activities, thoughts or reflections, that of your friends, colleagues and family members, no matter how far away they may be. This provides for great conversation starters and an outlet for you to connect. What better ice-breaker does that serve in order to keep in touch, engage and connect!

Business or Pleasure?

What do you have to hide? And if you want to keep your personal life, just that, then create two separate social media profiles. One that is strictly business, and the other just for personal. The personal can be limited to close friends and the business profile can be for colleagues. Again, social media is an amazing tool to network, prospect and communicate with for business. So, please don’t be afraid to embrace and separate!

It’s cheaper than advertising or a billboard

The going rate for billboard advertising may be $1,200 or less, but how about some guaranteed impressions! With analytic access on social networks business pages, you have real data right in front of you to prove the results of your hard labor online.

These are just some of the many tips that prove social media is not the enemy, yet an amazing friend and tool to incorporate into your life as well as business practices.

What has worked for you in teaching the old dogs in your life new tricks on social media? Share your success tips!


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Kaylynne Hatch

Editor / Social Media Manager at The Meeting Pool
Kaylynne Hatch is a social media expert and online marketing manager. With a Bachelor of Science in Communications and New Media from the University of Utah and a background in graphic design and entrepreneurship. She has been working in the events and travel industry since 2013.