Clean Restrooms Just a Tap Away

Written by The Meeting Pool


OK – laugh if you will but being a meeting and event professional has its challenges.  Many of us travel the globe and spend time in all manner of venues from the posh to the sketchy…. and sometimes when you are in an unfamiliar spot, ya gotta go. Heck, this even happens to those of us who don’t travel at all.

Normally, finding a place to “go” involves keeping your eye out for a nice looking restaurant or simply holding your breath and hoping for the best but there may be help only a few taps away from Charmin (yes, the toilet paper people).

Charmin, in a stroke of marketing genius have sponsored the app “Sit or Squat” for Android, iOS and Desktop Browser. Restrooms are  mapped using user submitted reviews and there are already over 100,000 in the database.

I decided to give it a try and entered in 105 N Dearborn St, Chicago, IL. I picked the location because I live in Chicago and this is the heart of the loop where many out of town planners will be using hotel and conference locations.


Not bad… you can totally see a spot that gets a green and others in grey or red (obviously the ones to avoid). I know that there are more locations in this area but until more people add locations, this will have to do.

The bottom line is that this app is not going to make you a better meeting or event professional but it might make you a happier traveler and able to keep your attendees a little more informed.

You can download for iPhone or Android by visiting the website.