Is Your Conference Avoiding Mobile? It Better Not.

Written by The Meeting Pool

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To have a mobile strategy or not have a mobile strategy. That is the question.

Actually, it is not really a question, it is more of a “Yes, you need one” kinda thing because the world is going mobile. Adding to his video series, Erik Qualman now has this little video on Mobilenomics which lays out in uncertain terms why everyone in the meetings and events industry must start taking mobile seriously.

I am not only talking about the attendee / conference relationship. This goes way beyond that and includes the planner / supplier relationship, the hotel / attendee relationship and more. Mobile will rule the world and it is happening faster than you think.

You need to start thinking about every facet of your conference or event from a mobile perspective from registration to handouts, maps and speaker bios. In the near future, most attendees will consume your content from a small device.

Even here at The Meeting Pool we have been thinking mobile right from the start and have created a responsive website that looks great on a desktop, a mobile, and even a tablet. Now, it is not perfect (yet) but it underscores how we think that the world is evolving. This is something that you and your conference or event need to come to terms with now while jumping in is still easy.