Event Tech Showcase: CatchTalk.TV Catches Your Event Content and Your Future Attendees

Written by The Meeting Pool


Last week I had the pleasure to have a Skype chat with an eventpreneur across the pond, Henry Embleton, Founder of, based in London. Henry gave me a tour of his new B2B event content aggregator, and I was truly impressed. The video platform has mission. Read on.

1.What inspired your company to create this CatchTalk.TV?

With a background in B2B publishing and a huge passion for content, I was frustrated with the inability to easily search and discover opinions and discussions around a range of industries.

Having had many opportunities to attend conference’s and meetings, I know it is not possible to attend them all, however there are always great speakers and opinions shared at these meetings and events so I wanted a solution that allows me to catch up or re-watch talks from events I did and did not attend just for a professional community.

2. What is the story behind the name?

Our original name was not projecting the offering for me, so I went to all sorts of crazy lengths to find a name that was simple, “did exactly what it said on the tin” and was memorable.

I launched a competition to let our users and friends come up with a name and there was a slice of the company available for the name that was chosen, I engaged with all sorts of branding agencies and none of that worked. I woke up one morning and wanting to watch one of the talks that had been uploaded by a conference and said to myself, “I need to catch that talk later” and Booooof! There it is was: CatchTalk.TV

Screen Shot Branded channel3. Coolest feature?

Where to begin… The algorithm that recommends relevant content, the lead generation functionality or the smooth and clean UX. I cannot split the baby on those. I will let you decide.

4. What are the advantages of using CatchTalk.TV?

We save you money and make you money.

We make your video content discoverable and searchable through the indexing and tagging systems we have and viewers’ contact details of your video content are then stored for you in a private personalized database creating highly qualified leads through the context of your video content.

These leads bring down your cost per acquisition and deliver more people buying tickets and registering for your events – saving you money and making you money.

5. Any big plans in mind for your new tech or your company?

So many… Developing the platform with so many more features and functions, growing the library of video content and users along with closing a big round of funding. I am getting excited just thinking about what the future holds.

First 10 leads are free for the first 10 meeting profs to set up a channel on CatchTalk.TV!

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