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EventTechCircus is coming: An event tech event worth the admission ticket

Written by The Meeting Pool

What is EventTechCircus all about?

We decided to run a very different type of event technology event. We hope that everyone can see that right from the start with our 4 objectives and the 11 things we believe make EventTechCircus unique that we really are offering something very different.

So who is the “we” behind EventTechCircus?

We have three founders. Julius Solaris of EventMangerBlog, and Derrick Stomp from Twoppy and me. And of course when we know which city EventTechCircus will take place we will include that event community as part of the “we.”

The Italian: Julius Solaris/Event Manager Blog

The Brit: William Thomson / Gallus Events UK

The Brit: William Thomson / Gallus Events UK

The Dutch: Derrick Stomp / Twoppy

The Dutch: Derrick Stomp / Twoppy

Who do you expect to attend?

We are looking to attract those event planners who would consider themselves “tech savvy” and who will thrive in an environment where they are expected to contribute not only to the discussions but the development of event technology. Most of the other event tech events – including my own event TechFest in the UK – are designed for a different type of planner. They don’t offer the opportunity for planners to get stuck in to MVP’s (minimum value products) and to make a real difference to the technology entering the market. This is the cornerstone of EventTechCircus and makes the event exceptionally engaging and exciting. We think this is a wonderful way to bring together everyone who has an interest in making event technology work. We hope to have twenty startups and an investor base. Should the event take place that is.

Image from EventTechCircus

Image from EventTechCircus

It’s funny you should say that. You are crowd-sourcing the event, which is quite innovative and correctly me if I am wrong but you are promotion two events at the same time, in two cities with only one taking place? Surely I’ve got that mixed up or is that right?

You are right. We want to be as disruptive within our event as the startups on show. So we’ve thought about several ways to try and have a disruptive effect. Going to market without a programme, crowd sourcing the event, bringing the three sections of the event tech community together, expecting attendees to help develop the event and asking a whole event community (NYC and Chicago) to support the event to stop it going to a rival city we hope is quite a disruptive start!

So why the US and why those two cities in particular?

There are so many great startups in north America and a lot of the European startups want to enter the states and we can help them do that. The first EventTechCircus in Amsterdam was such a great event that we feel we have proved our value proposition that the industry is ready for a very different type of event technology event. Everyone was telling us to go California so of course that was that last thing we were going to do. We also said ‘no thanks’ to a well established tech sponsor who offered to fund the event instead of using crowd sourcing but that’s just not us. I know, you are looking at me like I am mad. We are trying to do things that seem a bit crazy but we hope are more disruptive than actually daft!

You say that but you are planning to use everyone of the startups technology in EventTechCircus and that is clearly crazy!

Ha, ha. Very true. I can’t argue with that from the perspective of the actual planner of EventTechCircus (me). However I just can’t imagine inviting startups to be part of the event and not well, allowing them to be truly part of the event. We want every attendee to experience using the startups technology. That is how we add value to startups and make the event truly unique and innovative. Now, if that’s being mad, then I am clearly crazy! Twenty times over.


Image from Picatic

You have used a Canadian startup (Picatic) as the platform to crowd source the event was this deliberate?

Totally. As soon as the team at Picatic showed us their platform and their “fee free” model for ticketing we thought: these guys are perfect for us! We are sure we can find many other innovative startups to take part and we have a few signed up already.

What can people expect from the event?

If you read the blogs I’ve written about conferences and event technology and if you are familiar with Julius’s train of thought I think attendees will have a pretty clear idea. We want to run this event to prove that you don’t need to just blog about it but you can actually do it. It will be an experience. We want to try to organize it along the ideals of total engagement pre, during and post event. And as being as disruptive as possible.

And finally. With a crowd sourcing approach comes the questions: will the event take place on the 10th April in 2014 at all?

With only 30 days for one of the events to reach 60 attendees and 7 startups EventTechCircus is in the event communities hands. And that is where we believe it should be. If the events industry just want events that offer an overview of current event technology it is already pretty well served by MPI’s TechCon in Chicago and Liz King’s Plannertech in NYC. But if the industry in the States doesn’t want to lag behind Europe in bringing together early adopter planners, disruptive startups and investors then we will see you in either NYC or Chicago.

Let the Voting Begin!

I want EventTechCircus to come to Chicago

I want EventTechCircus to come to NYC


More about the Ringmasters

William Thomson, Head Honcho, Gallus Events

William is an event consultant who has worked with some of Europe’s largest event businesses. He is curator of Tech-Fest and his company Gallus Events runs events (like this one!) for event organizers. He walks the walk. William describes himself as a ‘Conference Architect’ and will be constructing the programme on our three key columns of: Learning. Networking. Competition.

“I’ve been exceptionally unsuccessful trying to drag myself away from the world of events. I’ve run a commercial business with a £4M annual turnover, a nightclub and a music company. But here I am again in events. And I couldn’t be happier. It’s in my blood: it’s a passion. I know. Sad but it’s true”

Derrick Stomp, Entrepreneur and Co-founder of twoppy

Derrick combines a strong sense for trends with creativity and passion for people. He’s able to bridge the gap between people and technology by focusing his creativity on what’s both useful and usable. Due to the seemingly odd combination of studying Business Information and Technology, Human Health Sciences, and Physical Therapy he’s capable of exploring problems and solutions from very different perspectives He’s co-founder at twoppy.com, a platform for event organizers to create their mobile event guide for free.

Julius Solaris, Event Manager Blog

Julius is the editor of Event Manager Blog, media partner of Event Tech Circus. Julius runs the Event Planning & Management LinkedIn Group with more than 115,000 members worldwide. He is a speaker for the event industry and a former consultant to FTSE 250 companies. Julius writes about event startups, event tech and social media applied to events.