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getplanning is More Than a Paperless Event Binder

Written by The Meeting Pool

getplanning-logo-BIGOne trend that that is growing throughout the events industry is planners wanting to, and needing to, ditch their event binders. We all know that the binder is the ‘holy bible’ for meeting management. It contains all the documents, sticky notes, and details for executing the event and managing tasks of the team. But it’s not as easy as placing all your hotel contracts, BEOs, and attendee lists on Dropbox and calling it a day. There’s more to it.

When it comes to event teams, they need a user-friendly collaboration hub where they can not only access their documents, but centralize all their communications that have to do with the event. Enter getplanning.  getplanning is addressing the frustrations connected with the current meeting planning process. Everything from the exchange of hundreds of documents and correspondence between all involved parties managing the event to having a ‘hub’ for all communications and access to documents was a needed platform in the industry. You know what that means? It means a better chance to tame your inbox all while staying perfectly aligned and in synch on managing the event!

When chatting with Jon Summersfield, President of Global Event Team, and an avid getplanning user, we asked him about his experience with the platform for him and his team. “It’s simple, and effective. This platform is changing the game for event professionals because it enables them to have all the information pertaining to their event at their fingertips 24/7, all in a secure environment. With the ability to have anyone and everyone have access to the specific event. They control the access level for all those involved.”


getplanning Screen Shot # 1

If you are a crazed event planner that has taken a vow to simplify and implement a better event management system for you and your team, you really should take getplanning for a test drive.  The platform is ideal for event planners that manage multiple events, and want to access their information off of any device, especially tablets and their mobile phones.  Concerns with data?  Security has been incorporated via getplanning’s  Level 1 PCI compliance and is as secure as online banking. This is a huge advantage, especially when dealing with attendee personal information, credit cards, and other sensitive data on an event level.

So where’s the ROI you ask? And yes, we asked that same question. “ROI has been measured by our hotel clients by looking at savings related to the elimination of paper, binders, and labor just in relation to no longer having a need for pre-con binders,” explained Jon. “Other users, specifically planners, have claimed that the utilization of getplanning saved them approximately 20% of their time.”

As an event planner, I would take that any day!

getplanning Screen Shot # 2

We’re thrilled that there are platforms out there that are laser-focused on what frustrates event planners the most, and are delivering this emerging functionality technology to the industry. We need more of that.

Take a look at www.letsgetplanning.com for more information, and to sign up for a demo.

* getplanning is part of the Cendyn Arcaneo suite for strategic meetings management.

Featured image from our friends at Plannerwire.