Google Reader is Gone – Here are Seven Alternatives

Written by The Meeting Pool

Google reader was killed off at the beginning of the week and you waited didn’t you. You didn’t heed the warnings…. Oh well, it was free and you cannot really argue if they were just giving it to us anyway. The truth of the matter is, the average Joe really doesn’t care. Most regular people get updates about companies and brands from Facebook or Twitter anyway.

For those of us that actually have to follow websites for our work, a service like Google Reader is essential, allowing us to see website updates and new posts as they happen. I would venture to say that a good RSS reader is a must have for any great event marketer and now, Google has killed the most popular RSS reader.

Fortunately, there are a million and one Google Reader replacements out there and they are all just as good or better that Google’s product. I am not going to go into the features of each one because what is the point, you know what they do, you just need to know where to find them and then you can decide which one has a visual style that you like. Some are traditional like Google Reader, just a list of posts and some are more Magazine Style with flashy images and great iPad apps. Again, it just comes down to what style you like.

A feed is a feed, there is only so much you can dress it up.

These are the 7 best alternatives that we have found to Google Reader:

Feedly (Free)


Netvibes (Free)


Digg Reader (in Beta, currently Free)


Feedbin ($3 per month)


Commafeed (Free)


Newsblur (Free to $3 per month)


 Pulse (Free)