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Written by kyrah thomas

There are so many events to be planned and often, so little time to do it.  So how can you set yourself apart as an event planner with mad skills? Well, there are a few technology applications that can help make event planning more efficient while making you look like the super-smart pro you are.  Here are a few The Meeting Pool thinks you can try right now to stay ahead of the pack.  You’re welcome!


AllSeated is an app that coordinates seating arrangements to help navigate where guests will be seated during an event. AllSeated can create a digital, to scale floor plan of your venue to help arrange seating charts and can handle every aspect of event seating from guest list management, automated RSVP notifications, and even mobile check-in. This can all be shared throughout the event team. These functionalities can help manage seating arrangements, fix errors of manual arrangements, and easily change based on no-shows or personalized requests. The best thing about AllSeated? It is free and easy to use.


Grupio is an application that allows you to communicate with your attendees about all relevant event information. With Grupio, you have full control over the content that is shown to attendees. You can choose the layout and type of advertisements, surveys, messages between attendees and much more. It’s easy to get set up. To get started, you upload your content through a spreadsheet, you can then customize pages to fit your company by incorporating logos or brand colours and listing event sponsors. This application is an all in one tool to help maintain different aspects of the event tasks and responsibilities. Go to the website to see more feature this application offers.

Visit Grupio at


Trello is a project management tool to help manage projects and organize anything that needs organizing. The application is simple and easy to use. You can create tasks, assign those tasks to team members, monitor progress, and communicate with group members. The simplicity of this application sets you up for success by making tasks and projects easier to track and maintain.

Visit Trello at


Caterease is a software solution that incorporates event management and catering tools into one package. This app’s interface is similar to that of windows office programs like Word or Excel, making it perfect for a beginner event software user. Caterease manages detailed sections of your event, such as scheduling event staff, creating detailed packing lists, tracking recipes and sub-recipes, selecting venues, and tracking and alerting to any potential day-of conflicts. You can also use it to manage attendees by reviewing client histories and recording any correspondences with past clients. In addition to managing these details, Caterease tracks revenue and can calculate how to maximize sales for future events. Learn more about the potential of Caterease at the link below.

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Boomset is an innovative application focused on streamlining attendee registration. This application uses a QR scanner to scan each attendees’ personal QR code to register with the venue from any web platform or mobile device. Boomset’s automation software makes this registration tool hassle-free. In addition to registration code scanning, Boomset can also print badges on demand, facilitate multi-session tracking, and speed up the registration process with self-service check-ins. To learn more about all the applications of Boomset, see their website below.

Visit Boomset at


This application turns your smartphone into a walkie-talkie, making communication within the team run as smoothly as possible for the duration of an event. Instead of constantly having to check for a text or slack message, Heytell makes communicating with your team easy and fun. You can download the application with your android on google play or for iPhones at the iTunes store.

These applications are just a few options to make event planning go smoothly and make tasks simpler so you can do more at once with ease. With these apps you can look like the wizard behind the curtain as your events run smoothly and stress free. Stand out from the competition when it comes time to hire again and ease the pain of event planning.

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kyrah thomas

Kyrah is an intern at The Meeting Pool and is currently enrolled and studying at San Francisco State University. Kyrah's major is business administration with a concentration in Marketing.