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How to Beat the Heat When a High Temperature Room is Your Defeat

Written by kyrah thomas

Each season brings unique pleasures and struggles for temperature moderation — especially if you’re a woman of a certain age!  When it comes to weather, winter may be cold outside, but often we’re faced with buildings that are far too warm for our liking.   If you have always wanted a way to solve this temperature problem once and for all, then than look no further!

Embr Labs:

When entertaining attendees, you may have an issue with keeping yourself and your attendees at a comfortable temperature. A hot summer day plus the stress of managing and maintaining an event might make your temperature slightly higher than normal. Being uncomfortable only distracts from performing important event planning duties or paying attention to the high-quality event exhibits. There is a simple solution to this age old, seemingly complicated problem and that is a new personal thermostat called “Embr Wave”. This revolutionary device is worn around someone’s wrist and controls their core temperature so they can stay cool in warm environments or warm in cold ones. The Embr Wave works the same way that a hot drink warms your body on a cold winter day or rubbing an ice cube on your wrist cools you off in the height of summer heat, by providing a heating or cooling sensation to your individual specifications instantly to your inner wrist–your bodies natural temperature control zone. If you want to try this amazing wearable tech, the Embr Wave is on sale for the price of $299.00.

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Staying Cool Meets Stylish Decor

If you’re worried about keeping the whole room of your event cool and not just your person, keep reading because there are a number of interesting products that could be exactly what you are looking for.


Aero Sphere Tabletop Fan:

The Aero Sphere Tabletop fan is the next big thing in trendy decor and cooling design. This new addition to luxurious living is a spherical honeycomb design that looks like a decorative teardrop. The Aero Sphere Tabletop Fan is small and portable but will make you feel instantly cooler in temperature and style. These fans can be a functional and flashy centerpiece at any event for the price of $578.08.

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Geizeer- Eco-Friendly Cooling Device:

This cooling device would be a great addition to your personal or professional daily life. The Geizeer is a portable, compact, box-shaped fan that can cool a room up to the size of 12 square meters. It can reach a temperature as low as 37.4° Fahrenheit and can run for up to 24 hours meaning you don’t have to worry about it not lasting for the duration of your event. The Geizeer is easy to operate and eco-friendly.  It comes equipped with a specifically designed ice pack. Just stick it in the freezer and insert it into the sleek wooden box, and you will be set for up to a full day. This device can be yours for only $119.00.

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Zero Breeze Portable Air Conditioner:


The Zero Breeze Portable Air Conditioner is a new way to stay cool anywhere. This air conditioner can cool a room measuring up to 50 square feet and can reach a low temperature of 44° Fahrenheit. There are 3 fan speeds and cooling settings to fit your comfort needs. Whether your event is outdoors or indoors, this portable air conditioner will make sure you and your attendees are comfortable. will be a great addition to your summer event. The Zero Breeze has both form and function. In addition to the small and sleek design and powerful cooling technology, there are additional fun and useful features. It comes equipped with a powerful battery and built in USB ports that can charge up to 2 smartphones at a time. It also has a built-in bluetooth speaker and LED light so you can stay cool, charged up, and ready to party all with one device. The next time you need to stay cool during an event or just in the office try the Zero Breeze Portable Air Conditioner only $389.

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Dyson AM06 Bladeless Table Fan:

The Dyson AM06 Bladeless Table Fan is a portable fan that is small, but mighty. At just ten inches in diameter and a sleek, quiet, completely bladeless design, the Dyson table fan makes being cool stylish and modern easy at any event. The tabletop fan has a constant and powerful stream of airflow with ten airflow settings which can be controlled on the device itself or with a remote. The Dyson AM06 bladeless table Fan would be a great addition to any indoor event or room in your house because the bladeless design is safe to use around kids and pets, is quiet, and easy to clean. The Dyson AM06 bladeless table fan makes cooling down your event a breeze for the price of just $235.99.

To purchase the Dyson AM06 Bladeless Table Fan visit


Keeping Cool in Your Clothes

Nanoporous Polyethylene:

Nanoporous polyethylene is a high-tech fabric that keeps you cool in hot climates. It works by blocking the sun’s warming rays while venting body heat more efficiently than cotton or other conventional fabrics. According to an LA times magazine, if someone was to wear a shirt and hat made of nanoporous polyethylene they will feel as though they are shirtless and hatless while standing under a shade tree. Thanks to this incredible cooling technology, this fabric can play an important role in planning outdoor events in hot climates like events or team building exercises because you can worry less about staying cool and focus on the event design. 

Cooling down is easier when you have options. Whether you need to keep yourself regulated with a personal thermostat or cooling clothing, or the whole event with a portable fan or air conditioning unit, one of these innovative pieces of technology can be the answer to all of your temperature-related problems.

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kyrah thomas

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