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Press Release: Attendify Launches Social Ad Platform

Written by The Meeting Pool

Attendify Launches Social Ad Platform to Help Event Planners Monetize their Apps and Drive Engagement for Sponsors

Attendify’s platform empowers event planners to create event-only social networking apps that boost attendee participation and enhance the event experience. Today Attendify is announcing an industry first Social Ad Platform designed to get sponsors and exhibitors involved in the conversation with native, in-stream ads that are designed for engagement and lead generation.

“Attendify’s platform has powered hundreds of private social networks for events, and the way attendees have engaged within those communities inspired us to get sponsors involved in the conversation” says Michael Balyasny, Attendify’s CEO “we saw an opportunity to get sponsors and exhibitors involved in the conversation in a way that adds value for attendees and gives event planners another tool to help sponsors and exhibitors succeed.” continued Michael.

The new Sponsor Ad Platform leverages the private social timeline included with every event app to publish Sponsored Posts that encourage attendees to take actions like downloading documents, apps, shopping with discount codes, or saving sponsored event sessions to their personal agendas. As attendees engage with Sponsored Posts Attendify tracks that activity and generates reports that event planners can share with sponsors including engagement rates and a list of relevant leads.

“We wanted to make sure that attendee experience was enhanced with the new Sponsor Ad Platform, creating a natural, personal experience” says Michael “these aren’t the banner ads you see in a lot of event apps and websites, this is social content that blends naturally with what attendees are already sharing in the app, and event planners have full control of the experience to ensure that sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees all benefit.”

Attendify’s Sponsor Ad Platform is included with every Social or Multi-Event App purchased, and current clients can request a free update to their existing apps to take advantage of the new functionality.

About Attendify:
Attendify is a leading mobile event app platform that offers meeting and event planners an easy and accessible way to create and manage apps that drive attendee engagement at conferences, trade-shows, exhibitions, corporate events and other events. Attendify helps companies like Google, Bloomberg, AstraZeneca, Sage, Phillips, Autodesk and AOL create differentiating mobile experiences for their events. For more information or to get started building your app visit http://www.attendify.com.

Source:  Attendify