QuickMobile’s MobilePlanner: Event Planner’s Paperless Binder App

Written by The Meeting Pool


logo quickmobileWe all know Quickmobile as one of the key players in the event app world. Now they are addressing a huge challenge that I’m very vocal about in my presentations at industry events, which is how event planners can go paperless and ditch their event binders. Once and for all. Without them losing their hair. They saw the opportunity to leverage their technology and know-how to address this issue and build a solution that would leap-frog the current binder-centric, non-collaborative nature of enterprise event planning.Main_iPad

MobilePlanner was born with the planner needs in mind. Planners needed a platform that brings:

  • instant, always-on communication
  • secure collaboration
  • more effective coordination that can be achieved without emails and phone calls

MobNav_iPhoneilePlanner is a mobile platform that makes communication, coordination and collaboration for event planning simpler and more productive. Plus it scales to hundreds and thousands of events, so it’s ideal for enterprise event planning teams and all their service providers and contractors.

Coolest features? There are loads, but some of the more productive ones include: multiple contact list management and sharing, secure document sharing (think BEOs, floor plans, contracts, etc.), in-app messaging and communication, deep participant profiling and notes, master and individual task scheduling, check-in capabilities for speakers, guests, attendees…the list goes on.

On one level, event profScheduleDetails_iPadessionals can ditch the binder forever, along with the perpetual concern that documents are out of date or not adequately distributed. Everything they need is accessible in a mobile app on their device. The other plus is their ability to communicate instantly with the rest of the event planning team, wherever they are and without the need for phone calls or emails, is truly liberating and empowering. Event planners never need to wonder if their team received the latest floor plan or rental contract. 

So what about the ROI you ask? Of course this helps streamline team efficiencies, less meetings, as well as less printing costs, and reduced cell phone bills by more in-app communication.