Reaching Millennials: How to Influence What They Buy

Written by Mikki Donaldson

Some marketers struggle in their pursuit of proven strategies that will successfully reach and penetrate the 90 million millennials in the world. Why is the focus on this generation? Because they lead the globe in terms of spending.

These techies and digital revolutionaries spend a staggering $2.5 trillion dollars each year. But here’s the deal: if you’re attempting to target this audience, traditional advertisements won’t stand a chance of capturing their attention.

In fact, an analysis suggests marketers should brainstorm cutting edge marketing schemes that will attract anyone born in the technological era for the next two decades. Here’s what’s working in 2019 and researchers are sure it will continue to be the foundation for marketing to millennials.

Authenticity Rules

Advertising is nothing new and millennials know the game. “They can spot an ad from a million miles away. They are keenly aware of what is marketing speak versus real talk. So keep your communications, advertisements, and content as authentic as possible,” claims Mahesh Chaddah, co-founder of

Some vendors are phony and obnoxious. As a result, millennials block their content or ads. You want to develop content that genuinely serves the receiver and as funny as it sounds, expect nothing in return.

The most effective ways to do this is to offer human interest stories, how-to guides, and product reviews. These posts generate discussions and conversing can lead to referrals and profits.

Make Content Worthy of Re-posting and Re-tweeting

Humans naturally want to know what’s going on in the lives of others. Therefore, sharing is a popular feature on social media. Some people live to see their faces on the internet and while they post a fun evening at Chili’s on Instagram, the brand can benefit from the hashtag on the post. Often, brands will use the story on their profile. As a marketing strategy, it’s a superior measure.

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Entertain While Educating

It’s a unique approach that educators have been working to implement for ages. We learn better if teachers do not push the message upon us and it is entertaining. Brands will perform best by creating written or visual content consumers have a stake in.

YouTube makes uploading tutorials and marketing easy. Partnered with a familiar brand, influencers attract their target market using the “show, not tell” approach with limited effort.

Power to the People

Millennials have a way of reviving content and products much like the resurgence of the classic Perry Ellis brand. Not only that, but they love apps which join people together. Do you recall how distracted everyone was with Pokemon Go? It was a universal craze kids of all ages took part in, but here’s the deal.

What entrepreneurs know is there must be a balance in the enterprises and these hacks or twists on traditional services, transfers that power back to the people.

Recommendations Millennials Trust

If you haven’t noticed, millennials speak their minds. They aren’t afraid of standing their ground and giving anyone feedback. You should listen and if you actually hear what millennials have to say, you’re in a good position to be successful in your advertising campaigns which target millennials.

Any successful venture is because they offer their patrons what they want. So, with this in mind, create an amazing brand they can relate to and trust.

Many believe a popular marketing strategy is to have celebrities endorse a manufacturer’s product. Consumers would buy it simply because the television personality seems to approve of the product or service.

However, we know it was a stunt to drive more business to that brand or business and the celebrity received compensation for it. Sometimes, they don’t know or authorize the endorsements. Now, millennials depend on what their friends say about makeup brands, restaurants, cars, and much more.

Social Media Rewards

There are many social channels, some you may not recognize, but they all are important. In an era when it’s simple to instantly broadcast news worldwide, it’s imperative to your brand it’s good news.

Interactions between you and the consumer can make a profound impact on your Twitter profile and your brand overall. Your customers’ satisfaction is a priority. In the case of a disgruntled customer, review the steps to make the situation ideal as bad news travels the swiftest.

There will never be a business with a 100% satisfaction rate, but it’s important to address the issues ASAP. Be transparent about solutions. Just so you know, the small things still count. With the right attitude and steps, you can turn a frowning emoji upside down.

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