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Which Social Media Should I Use?: Finding Attendees… and Your “People” Online

Written by Mikki Donaldson

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The question is not if we use it, but what social media should I use? Well, answer this: What is your main reason for being active on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram? We use these platforms for various reasons, but mainly to:

  • To keep in touch with family/friends
  • Be up-to-date with current news and events
  • To voice an opinion
  • Networking with business associates/potential customers
  • Research trending products
  • Bored/Looking for amusing content

Does it surprise you to see networking as one of the reasons for using social networks? What’s ever shocking is the percentage of users who only browse social media. Above all, analytics show 37%-41% of the users contribute nothing to the media source.

That’s beyond 29% of consumers who actively search for new products and product reviews. For this reason, startups use social media sites to advertise.

E-commerce businesses use social media channels to help jumpstart new companies owing just a laptop and a light bulb. Then again, with so many social media sites like Facebook on the web, how does a business determine who’s the best social network to use?

Is it LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, all of the above, or none of those?

What Social Media Should I Use in 2019?

In your opinion, what are the top 10 social media apps? That’s likely an easy question to answer. From Snapchat to Instagram, they are all busy. With this in mind, there are more platforms springing up every day trying to cash in on the profits. How do you narrow the choices down to a few?

Should you create a Facebook business profile or is a Twitter account best? How do you find the best social media platforms for your business? Better yet, when you determine the possibilities, what kind of content should you post?

Inasmuch as your brand wants to make a sell, remember posts must interest your target audience. Also, the posts should not always be about your brand, but coincide with the total scheme of your product.

If this means partnering with another brand, it could be great for business. This rings true no matter which platform you campaign with. With that said, let’s review the best social media sites list in 2019.


LinkedIn is designed for businesses and professionals. The concept is what makes Linked one of the go-to platforms for business. Because they are a straightforward platform, it works for those who participate in the program. Show off your talents as a blogger, educator, or land a professional position near you with LinkedIn.


Pinterest has a significant demographic of women; 42% of Pinterest users are women, 34% are between the ages of 18 and 29. Pinterest should be your female-focused destination for traffic and companies run by women. Pinterest won’t disappoint if you’re looking for inspiration, design, fashion, food, home decor, or artwork.


Compared to the others, which social media platform is most popular? Instagram has approximately 500 million users and of that number 59 percent check their notifications or stories a few times per day. With those results, Instagram is definitely among the most popular social networks.

By all means, join the crowd who’s marketing their ideas and dreams. Just know there’s tons of competition so you need something extra to get the people’s attention.


Who uses Snapchat? Businesses targeting millennials under the age of 24 is who!

The US represents 60% of Snap’s users. The social outlet is a coal miners dream with over 100 million daily users. Studies suggest the young adults average 30 minutes of snapping and chatting every day.

Because of this, companies create unique visual content to cash in on the free advertising and the opportunity to profit. They know only a loyal fan base will help them achieve top level status.


Who are the people who use Facebook in America? Both men and women between 25-54 years old scroll the news feeds and they account for roughly 29% and 32% of active users. Surprisingly, only 9% are of those users are between the ages of 18 and 24.

Therefore, if advertisers are targeting customers under 24 years old, FB would not be a wise investment. Businesses would prosper using another platform.


With over 310 million registered users, Twitter is one of the top 10 social media sites on the internet. The social network has an array of content to share and re-tweet. If people like what you post, they will follow and subscribe to your notifications.

Once you gain their attention, make sure you’re building relationships by genuinely engaging in conversation. To reach a wider audience and generate traffic, use hashtags!


Since 2006, YouTube has been the leading video-sharing platform in the world. Take advantage of it! Videos such as webinars engage the audience more so than sharing content with text.

Visual content also assists your ranking in Google. Having your own channel allows you to share and edit branded videos, playlists, and initiate conversation.


Although ideal for social networking, Reverb offers musicians a platform to manage their careers. Musicians have access to assorted tools in the industry and to other fellow artists who use ReverbNation to connect with industry professionals and fans.


The community is a social network for mothers and mothers-to-be. The ads-based outlet enables mothers to get confirmation on such topics as pregnancy, fashion, health, and food.


Tagged makes the list of social media apps because it’s a great social media and dating site to find people with a common interest. Browse profiles to find love, friendship or make a business connection.

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