RFID/NFC Meets Event Management: Is Event Farm HOVER for Your Event?

Written by Leah Layzell

Event Farm, an innovation-focused company that offers branded, online invitation, ticketing, guest registration, mobile check-in, and digital activation platform, talks about their new product HOVER with us and how you can literally HOVER to enter. Here’s our chat with Brennan McReynolds, COO of Event Farm.brennan

1. What inspired Event Farm to create HOVER?

As an innovation-focuEventFarm HOVER 3sed company, we’ve always been advocates of technology like RFID/NFC and expanding the in-event experience for attendees while capturing data for clients.  So, when we were asked by a client to integrate our registration and check-in platform into an RFID provider, we jumped at the opportunity to develop a streamlined solution that would activate RFID assets on the fly through our check-in app.

We continued down the path of integrating Event Farm into existing RFID providers, but began to see that we could create our own solution that allowed us to maintain the level of client service we’re known for, while taking advantage of having a complete event registration and RFID/NFC platform under one roof.

2. What is the story behind the name?

The honest truth is that HOVER wasn’t the original name… a well-known tech company named after a fruit announced a product this summer that conflicted with our original title so we had to go back to the drawing board. One day this fall, two of our staff members were walking the beach in Santa Monica when a huge Pelican with a Michael Jordan-like wingspan glided by only a few feet off the ground. Moments later inspiration struck and the name HOVER was set. If we’d been clever enough from the beginning, the name HOVER makes total sense… your NFC/RFID badge: literally “hovers” over the tablet in order to activate the experience.

3. Coolest feature of HOVER?

One of the best things about HOVER is the versatility of the platform from an engagement and branding standpoint. Clients can choose their HOVER Activation App and apply it to just about anything in their event. Use HOVER to vote, monitor access control, share on social media… the sky’s the limit! Then brand those experience with your logo and video while also incorporating the guest’s name. HOVER accounts for your goals and creates innovative, digital pathways to captivate, delight and measure your audience.

4. What are the advantages of using HOVER?

HOVER is the first NFC platform designed specifically for corporate and branded events that fully integrates into a registration, invitation, and mobile check-in system. With HOVER linking into Event Farm, we’ve streamlined the process and eliminated the frustration of activating guests on-the-fly by using our Mobile Check-in App. HOVER creates an environment of fully branded activation apps designed to maximize guest engagement throughout the event.

EventFarm HOVER 1

5. Any big plans in mind for HOVER or Event Farm?

Since launching HOVER at BizBash and Event Marketer’s EventTECH this past fall, we’ve already begun to win projects. Building upon that momentum, we’re excited to increase the number of HOVER Activation Apps made available to our clients and potentially open up the platform to a preferred developer network. On the Event Farm side, we have some exciting new releases for after the first of the year, but we’re going to keep quiet on those for now.

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Leah Layzell

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