Tech Trends That Will Change The Events Industry: Part II

Written by The Meeting Pool

We asked a few more of our favorite event profs to tell us their predictions of technology and how technology will change the event industry in the next five to ten years.

Kyle Hillman, Founder/President, Kyle Hillman Strategy Group

9faf890597ef1f552b30164de83aab26I still think telepresence is the biggest game changer for future events and no one is talking about it.




Tony Lorenz, Founder, bXb Online

tony_lorenz2No more hybrid events per say. One entirely converged experience – on and offline.





Lawrence Coburn, CEO & Co-Founder, DoubleDutch

55c6f823ff6be1ba1314735fdd3b160eThe most exciting thing we are seeing in event tech is the ability to capture real-time analytics around how attendees and sponsors alike are engaging with events. We like to use this website analogy… “events today are operating like websites without tracking or analytics.”

Events are incredibly valuable, but lack the data to validate that value. We think there’s lots of potential with the data that comes from event mobile apps. For the first time, we have the ability to display the same information seen in other digital marketing channels, through mobile event apps. That’s exciting.


Trevor Roald, Mobile Technology, QuickMobile

0cc1db264b950219326215c018050b7cTechnology, particularly, mobile technology, will continue to become increasingly ubiquitous in our day-to-day and business lives. As these technologies mature, our reliance on them will increase, blurring the lines between our digital and physical lives. This techno-cultural revolution will enhance face-to-face meetings by enriching how information is shared in these contexts and also provide tools for more efficient event experiences for both attendees and exhibitors. Face-to-face meetings will remain a vital way to exchange information and do business, while these tech tools will help make these meetings more efficient, rewarding and fun.


Stefania Conti-Vecchi, Founder & CEO, EVENTagist

Stefania-Conti-Vecchi-2-300x300Technology means innovation. It means solutions. It means new ways to do more with less.
In the event industry technology is growing faster than expected, involving deeply organizers, participants and the other operators/suppliers that are part of the business chain.

Eventprofs need to improve their tech skills to be up with the times and for this reason education has become so crucial for them.


Eric Amram, CEO & Co-Founder, Evenium

portrait_ericTechnology will profoundly transform networking, interactivity and sharing. Real-life events will be simultaneously digitized, allowing hybrid collaboration on content, on-site and remotely.

Technology will augment relationship between participants and enable audience co-created lectures or shows.


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