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The ABC’s of Increasing Your Event’s ROI

Written by Janet Amistoso

Editorial Note: This post was written by Meeting Pool contributor, Corey Napolitano. Corey is a is a recent graduate of Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN who enjoys all things relating to social media.

As we all know, ROI is the profit after paying all the costs associated with a convention, event, or trade show. ROI’s can be quantified in many ways; attendee satisfaction, through mutually beneficial business relationships, and in the endless useful content available before, during and after each event. Here are some basic ABC’s to increasing your next event ROI at all stakeholder levels.

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Attendees are your event’s most loyal supporters and you must ensure they’ll want to return for next year’s event and leave spreading your message to others. Lisa Parrish, Co-Owner of Flip Flop Productions, stated that the ROI for one of their classic car shows is “making sure everyone is having a wonderful time by provided a great venue, the best customer service and entertainment with the hope they will share their experience with others.”

When planning an event, convention, or trade show, mutually Beneficial relationships are important partnerships. Maybe that long-time sponsor will treat the first 500 attendees to a special concert, seminar, or other event? Perhaps another show sponsor will incorporate that long-awaited product roll-out at your event for optimum excitement and marketing potential.  Never underestimate the importance of a mutually beneficial relationship to increase your ROI.

Content can become your greatest asset for increasing your ROI at your next event. Through the use of social media, blogs, and instant access to information, you can share content before, during and after the event. Think of content as the basis of your future marketing for upcoming events and plan accordingly. Did an unendorsed celebrity recently take a picture with your product or pose at one of your events on Instagram? Did a past speaker at your event coin a unique catch phrase? Photo booths, tech bars, and social media that share contests are some great ways to get noticed. Look for sharable moments and make the most of that content to spread your message.

Attendees, Beneficial partnerships, and Content work in harmony with each other to ensure maximum return on investment. Attendees provide a foundation to build buzz for your event, while Beneficial partnerships can provide attendees with special incentives and memorable experiences while adding value to your event or trade show. Content will increase awareness of your event long after it has ended by spreading information at a very low cost. Make sure you stress the ABC’s of increasing your ROI when planning your next event.

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Janet Amistoso

Janet Amistoso holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She has a marketing background in the medical device, publishing, and trade show industries. Her professional background has allowed her to be an organizer, exhibitor, and attendee of conferences and trade shows. Now, with her position at The Meeting Pool, she's excited to work with organizers as a vendor and consultant to the meetings industry.