The Top 3 Apps that Kept FIFA World Cup In the Palm of Your Hands

Written by The Meeting Pool

When you talk about events, for many folks around the world, the first thing that comes to mind are global sporting events.  This year is no different.  It’s been hard, it really has, to steal away to a place that hasn’t been touched by the fervor of this year’s FIFA World Cup.  Hosted by Brazil, a country now infamous for more reasons than just being good at soccer, or football as the rest of the world knows it.

Technology does not leave the FIFA World Cup untouched.  With the prominence of social media in our daily lives now, it’s hard to not be a part of a global conversations.  The conversation on the current football craze only helps to prove it; the Germany-Brazil game became the single most tweeted sports game of any kind ever on Tuesday as reported by ESPN, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s 2014 FIFA World Cup mobile app hit and exceeded the one million download mark.

The minds at Microsoft have been able to stay on top of the latest from action from and even predict the outcome from the fast happenings of the games. And how did they do that? By using Cortana, a digital assistant for Windows Phones.  ‘She’ (Cortana) was able to correctly assess the outcomes of the past matches of the FIFA World Cup.  Not even Google’s Cloud Platform has been able to do that just yet, losing to Cortana’s perfect streak by one single game’s result.

For those of us don’t have our own Cortana to look to for advice, here’s a quick look at some of the #FIFA14  applications that were used to keep the whole world for one month up to speed with the dribble quite literally.

unnamedOfficial FIFA

The official FIFA World Cup app came with a lot of bells and whistles, unsurprisingly; for a free application, it holds no bars in the visual or functional department.

  • Had the option to watch the live stream of any match
  • Kept up with the real-time display of scores
  • Ability to follow your favorite teams – with the capability to choose what types of notifications you receive
  • Read up on the locales of the World Cup, and play games alongside their favorite athletes

Available in the App Store, as well as on Google Play.


unnamed (1)WatchESPN

Although not tailor made for the World Cup, WatchESPN, a free app provided by the sports mogul, does deliver in its replay value. Its best features are only available if you’re currently with an ESPN affiliated cable provider though.

  • Be able to watch live streams of matches, as well as ESPN specific replays of matches
  • Search the entirety of ESPN’s current selection, which includes a variety of sports

Available in the App Store, on Google Play, as well as in the Windows Store.


unnamed (2)Forza Football

Like the Official FIFA app, Forza Football catered to those that like to customize their live experience, and offers as many, if not more, features to make sure that you never miss a match, whether it be your favorite team competing in the World Cup, or a team from a league in Saudi Arabia that most would be unable to name.

  • Enjoy an integrated social media experience
  • Rate players, coaches and performances – share your overall approval ratings real-time
  • Keep up with the scores

Available in the App Store, as well as on Google Play.