Heading to #AIBTM? Here’s Your Must-have App List

Written by The Meeting Pool

I am so looking forward to  AIBTM next week and connecting with event professionals from around the world!  It wouldn’t be like me to not share with you my ‘must-have’ list of apps to download before you get to Orlando.  So, here it goes.

Click through both sets of tabs in the galleries below to see the apps.

[tabs] [tab title=”AIBTM”]

IBTM Global Events – Available on iOS and Android.

This is the official app provided by GenieConnect for the IBTM Global Events, the leading exhibitions for the global meetings, events and business travel industry, organised by Reed Travel Exhibitions. It is a multi-event app that includes AIBTM. It can be used pre show, at the event, and post AIBTM to greatly enhance your experience.



[/tab] [tab title=”Refresh”]

Refresh – Available on iOS and Google Glass. 

Bad at small talk? Refresh might be able to help as it displays relevant insights about the people in your upcoming meetings, leading to more meaningful conversations and less small talk. refresh-2-650x0 [/tab] [tab title=”OpenTable”]

OpenTable – Available on iOS, Android, Blackberry, and WindowsAlso available on your browser and desktop.

All that walking around on the show floor making you hungry? Make a reservation for nearby restaurants with OpenTable for your next meal! It also has mobile payments within the app now. [For select cities and restaurants]screen568x568 (1) [/tab] [tab title=”Find My iPhone”]

Find My iPhone – Available on iOS. Similar app available for Android.

Sometimes things can get a little crazy, especially with all those late nights -ahem! Therefore, we suggest you get an app like this one in case you lose your phone… so that you can easily lock it and then track it instead of worrying. screen568x568 [/tab] [tab title=”Evernote”]

Evernote – Available on iOSAndroidBlackberry, and Windows. Also available on your browser and desktop.

From your notes to your business cards, Evernote can help you keep them organized while you’re on the show floor. Evernote business card scanner is built in the app, and has recently replaced Linkedin’s Cardmunch app. Now you can scan the business card, watch as it automagically pulls all the contact info to create an electronic contact file for you, asks you if you’d like to link to the person via Linkedin, and poof done! Best part, you can also add notes to that contact so you don’t forget.

If you need help, find us at the TECHBar in the Innovation Zone for help!


[/tab] [tab title=”Find Me & Glympse”] Need help finding your friend on the show floor? These apps could help – read more about Find Me (and its multiple versions) and Glympse in our “You’re Where? Top Tech for Finding People at Live Events” article. screen568x568 (3) [/tab] [/tabs] [tabs] [tab title=”AroundMe”]

AroundMe – Available on iOSAndroid, and Windows.

Never been to Orlando or has it just been a while? Either way, AroundMe can help you find nearby pharmacies, gas stations, restaurants, bars. etc. so that you can find what you need or explore the area with confidence despite not knowing the area well. screen568x568 (2) [/tab] [tab title=”UrbanSpoon”]

UrbanSpoon – Available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Kindle Fire.

Want to explore new restaurants but don’t actually want to make the decision of which one? UrbanSpoon describes their app as “a kind of restaurant slot machine” – shake the phone or use the shake button and it’ll show you a good nearby restaurant! Don’t like it? No worries, repeat until you find one you’d like to try. screen568x568 (4) [/tab] [tab title=”Expensify”]

Expensify – Available on iOS and Android.

Tired of trying to look through and add up all your receipts for your expense report when you get home? Well, now you can do it on the go with Expensify. If I have my receipt, I can just take a picture and it’ll automatically read the details from it. Less work, more sanity! Expensify [/tab] [tab title=”MobileDay”]

MobileDay Available on iOS and Android.

Do you have a lot of conference calls planned? Even with reminders from my calendar, I find it to be a hassle to keep track of them and actually call into all of them — which is why I got MobileDay. All I have to do is press a button for each call now! Also I love that it auto-updates in Salesforce so I don’t have to keep track of which leads I’ve contacted. Think it’ll help you too?


[/tab] [tab title=”PhotoGrid”]

PhotoGrid – Available on iOS, Android, and Windows.

Took a lot of pictures and want to combine a few highlights into one collage to share to your social network instead of sharing all of the pictures in one huge album? PhotoGrid will allow you to do just that! It’s simple to use and doesn’t require you to have access to any fancy photo-editing software. screen568x568 (5) [/tab] [/tabs]   Got any other app recommendations? Share in the comments below or join the conversation on social media with the hashtag #AIBTM!