Wading Through the Waters of Floor Planning

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With today’s technology, it is increasingly important to have multiple ways to achieve the same result anytime and anywhere, and floor-planning tools for meetings, events, and conventions are no exception. The average space designer is constantly changing locations within a travel-filled life. Not only do they require tools that complete the tasks, but can also complete the task requiring the highest level of standards. Everything from marketing an upcoming event, selling space online, to creating a floor plan for your exhibitors can now be accomplished using a variety of software applications created for event floor planning.

There are multiple functions available within the assortment of floor planning tools. Finding the one that will work the best for you can be the difference between a successful event and a mediocre one. Some basic questions to consider when searching for the best convention/floorplanning software are:

  • What is the expense?
  • Is it easy to use and share data?
  • Is a mobile app available?

The many floor planning event tools such as; eShow, EXPOCAD®, Gliffy, ExhibitCore®  just to name a few, and all can be beneficial based on your specific needs.

eShow‘s event management products encompass all aspects of event planning. Your cost is based on how many services you ultimately use and virtually every service for event management and planning is available for a fee. The software and training seem to be easy enough to understand and they have a mobile app you help design especially for your event.  EShow has been around for over twenty years and is still going strong.

They have interactive floor plans for you to use that can help you find a specific exhibitor, an exhibitor list, and exhibitor’s locations. A mobile app is available for your attendees to utilize on any smart device to make it easier to navigate your next meeting or event.  You can also utilize your exhibitor and floor plans, including exhibit sales, on the event user’s mobile app.

EXPOCAD was the first GEM – Graphical Exposition Management – software that was created for show management and operations teams and has been around for over 30 years. According to their website, “80% of US-based expos are designed using EXPOCAD software.” But what about their floor planning design applications?

Located within EXPOCAD is EXPOCAD FX, their online floor plan map designed for trade, consumer, and corporate events. According to their website, EXPOCAD FX is their “core interactive online floor plan which is used for exhibitor sales and marketing or as an attendee tool.  FX is the internet display view of EXPOCAD® and perfect for live and online space sales too. Attendees may select, build and print a favorite list with easy to use navigation tools.” Costs of using these tools and features will be based on the number of users and programs needed and ease of use is stressed with technical advice at your fingertips.

EXPOCAD® Mobile Events features a mobile app. to compliment all event management software and it is available on a per show basis or multi-show discounts.

Gliffy, is an on-line floor planning program that event planners can use. It works like the easy applications you have used before where you simply “drag and drop” shapes from the symbol libraries and no previous design experience is necessary. Cost is $7.99 per month for a one-person business use or $4.99 for multiple business users. While they do not currently have a mobile app, you could be able to work from their website off your mobile browser.

EXHIBITCORE, a division of RC Media Group, includes many packages available to help with all aspects of event and meeting planning.  ExhibitCore® Floor Planner can assist any event planner to become a floor designer with easy to visualize graphics and interactive booth design. They have a mobile app where you can easily search and find all plans you have previously created and make changes if needed. Various cost plans are available and include “free” up to a premium rate of $350.00 per month for professionals. Click here to see pricing options.

Price, convenience, and portability are the basic features you need to access when deciding which floor planning software is for your next event.

Featured Image credit: IAEA ImageBank ©2013 under a Creative Commons License

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