The Inside Scoop: Favorite Productivity Apps from Some Noted #eventprofs

Written by The Meeting Pool

We brought you some event professionals’ favorite travel apps last time; this time, see what helps some other event professionals be more productive!

Dana Freker Doody, Vice President of Communications, The Expo Group

Dana Freker Doody

What do you do? VP Communications for The Expo Group; I love working for a smart, agile, family-owned, entrepreneurial-minded company that creates marketplaces in exhibition halls sometimes overnight so communities can come together to learn, network and get business done.

What app do you love for productivity? Starbucks

Why? Because if I don’t have a grande when I wake up all the other apps are blurry! Love the payment feature within the app and the mapping function for when I am traveling to trade shows and events across the nation.

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Tahira Endean (CMP), Director, Creative and Production, Cantrav Services
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Tahira Endean

What do you do? My job allows me the opportunity to lead a team that focuses on creating great experiences – activities, special events and learning environments – that people are fully engaged in, learn from and which have a positive impact for our clients. I do it because I think this is fun to see happen!

What app do you love for productivity? Evernote

Why? I can save all my random ideas and even important information.


Tess Vismale(CMP), Owner, iSocialExecution
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Tess Vismale

What do you do? I manage a conference center at Atlanta Technical College, Senior Event Lead at the Atlanta Botanical Garden and own an event execution boutique firm called iSocialExecution.

What app do you love for productivity? Evernote

Why?  I love Evernote because I can manage all of my worlds in one place. I can create meeting agendas for my staff at the College, take notes on the clients I serve at The Garden for the sales staff and prepare for my the events I execute for my business.


Alon Alroy, Co-Founder & CMO, Bizzabo
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Alon Alroy

What do you do? Co-Founder & CMO of Bizzabo; because people want to maximize their event experiences.

What app do you love for productivity? 24me

Why? It’s an easy to use and beautiful to-do app that helps you manage your daily life (for real).


Dan Berger
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Dan Berger

What do you do? I run a hospitality software company called Social Tables because good planning makes for great experiences.

What app do you love for productivity? Sunrise

Why? It presents your daily agenda in a very visual way, it has built in directions to addresses in the appointment, and it pulls LinkedIn profiles for all of the people you have appointments with.


Kristi Casey Sanders, Vice President of Creative, Atlanta Metropolitan Pub
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Kristi Casey Sanders

What do you do? Educate, empower and inspire meeting and event professionals; create new digital initiatives and content for I also manage the content, marketing and communities for and In my spare time, I raise a 16-year-old, a 3-year-old, love my hubby, go for runs and do site selection for the Eastern Chapter of the Society of American Travel Writers.

What app do you love for productivity? Basecamp

Why?  It allows me to track the progress of all my teammembers, whether they’re in-office or remote, working on PYM, Posh or Encore, from anywhere in the world.