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Written by kyrah thomas

From creating and publishing content to analytics and reporting, it can be pretty overwhelming to think of all the jobs social media marketers have to complete every day.  Thankfully, there are a bunch of awesome social media management tools available to help. These tools can streamline your workflows, help you save some time and even ensure your content reaches the right audience at the right time.

Here are a few of the best platforms that will help ease your social media management pain.


Quuu would be a great product to use for “ Hand curated suggestions for social media” in which Quuu is the only one who uses this tool. They have four main features such as Content suggestions, Quuu scheduler, Evergreen Content, and Quuu discover to make sure you optimize your social media platform. Content suggestions are the best because this ensures that all content is of high quality and are relevant to your specific interests. Quuu scheduler helps to integrate both Quuu’s suggestions as well as your own posts to easily use social media scheduler. Evergreen content ensures that your social schedule is always full of relevant content and also your followers don’t miss useful content.


SEMrush is a tool that gives suggestions about content ideas that will be of interest to your audience in order to keep your social media pages current and relevant. This is for people who run out of exciting new topics to make sure you have evergreen content. SEMrush helps content marketers discover the most popular content on the internet and help for future ideas for content. If you need help with your social media content and ideas SEMrush just might be the right platform for you.


Socialalert helps platforms of social media track hashtags that may be of interest to a company’s target audience. Tracking hashtags and keywords in real time to make sure all of the content and information is relevant and interesting. This tool lets you know when certain keywords that are of interest to your brand is mentioned. Socialalert also collects user-generated content, while also monitoring your brand and influencers related to your industry. This service helps with quantifying who your content reaches and their impressions and reactions to your content. Socialalert focuses on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google +. These are some of the most popular social media currently and they help to create, manage and also enhance your presence throughout these platforms.


Taboola is a tool that delivers recommendations based on your personal preference and target audience, while also giving recommendations to target your audience’s’ interests. Taboola has a predictive engine tool that can help look for potential content that will match your interests as well as your clients’ attention. Targeting and retargeting advertising is also something that may be of interest to you because we all know targeting a potential consumer only once is not as effective as if you target them at least twice. Taboola also has the tools to help you reach a massive audience with your content and messages, thus potentially creating a bigger social media presence. This platform can also link your audience to related slideshows, articles, or videos of your content from within or outside the site. These are all features of a service that has the potential to make social media easier to maintain for your business as well as building a better social media platform.


 Sociallymap is a tool that helps to discover content to keep your platforms fresh and current and relevant. Sociallymap also manages social media platforms so it is at its optimum potential for evergreen content. This tool is also helpful in automation marketing which can keep your content on a constant update to your target market on new content at a steady set of dates and times that your followers can expect to receive new content whether its every day at 6 pm or every Monday, however you see fit for your business to automate content and news. This tool would be useful for any business who would like to have automation to help maintain a social media presence without all the hassle.


 Do you want to have better content and reach your customers better? Then, UpContent may be right for you! UpContent can help find better content for your social media platforms, but faster and easier with credible and new sources while also finding content from your favorite publications. There is also a tool where you can work and collaborate with other members of your group such as taking notes, finding favorite articles and sharing content all in one place without having email threads. UpContent is a great way to manage and create new content for your social media platform needs.

So, if you had any doubts that you can manage your social media platforms this article should put your mind at ease. You can keep your social media manageable and relevant with the help of one or two of these social media aids. These tools are here to help you and your business maintain social media platforms relevant and evergreen, so take advantage of affordable social media automation services with premium features.

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kyrah thomas

Kyrah is an intern at The Meeting Pool and is currently enrolled and studying at San Francisco State University. Kyrah's major is business administration with a concentration in Marketing.